Weave/Weft Hair Extensions

The Benefits of Flat Track Weave/Weft Hair Extensions

We are so excited to share that here at Elle J Hair, we are now offering flat track weft hair extensions. You asked and we listened! So many of our clients are wanting to invest in hair extensions, but don’t want to risk any damage to their hair. 

You might have heard about weave or weft extensions so firstly let us explain what the difference between a weave and a weft is. A weft is the piece of hair extension and a weave is the technique we use to sew the weft extension into the hair, either weaving the extension into a braid or into a flat track.

Flat Track weft extensions are very similar to braided weft hair extensions, but they are so much better suited to caucasian fine hair.  Flat track weft extensions sit flatter, and are more comfortable to the head than braided wefts.

Amongst this techniques advantages are that it is completely non-damaging and the hair is reusable. This method allows you to easily maintain your extensions and remove them. They produce a very thick, natural-looking effect, with their placement and curtain-like look.

Some of the reasons our clients are wanting hair extensions include;

  • Length-That long hair you’ve been dreaming of and working towards can easily be achieved in a matter of minutes.
  • Colour-Hair extensions allow you to play around with different colour tones. 
  • Volume-hair extensions are a great resource for getting back that volume that you once had. 
  • Style-With the additional length, volume, and even pop of color to your hair, you can easily change up your hairstyle
  • No Damage- One of the best things about flat track weft extensions is that they are non invasive and cause no damage.

Below are the steps involved to creating the hair of your dreams using the flat track/weft method;

  1.  We weave small, silicone lined micro beads into the hair in a track. We use these beads as they are soft silicone on the inside, meaning they won’t slip, or cause any damage to your hair.
  2.  After the beads are in, we then sew the weft (which is like a curtain of hair into the beads.
  3.  Once the beads and weft are in, it’s time to cut and style your hair. 

Now your beautiful extensions are in you get to enjoy your new hair! Weft extensions are to be moved up every 6-8 weeks, so you can reuse the hair over and over for 12 plus months! A one time investment of the hair lasts a long time. 

Weft hair extensions, when applied by our team of trained and talented professionals here at Elle J Hair, is a painless and natural looking, option if you are looking to add volume and thickness to your hair. The result is just gorgeous. 

If you have any more questions regarding flat track weft extensions, we are only too happy to offer a complimentary hair consultation, to discuss your hair goals in detail.

We look forward to seeing you.